Faraday constant

Faraday constant
Faradayeva konstanta

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  • Faraday constant — In physics and chemistry, the Faraday constant (named after Michael Faraday) is the magnitude of electric charge per mole of electrons.[1] It has the currently accepted value F = 96,485.3365(21) C/mol.[2] The constant F has a… …   Wikipedia

  • Faraday constant — Faradėjaus konstanta statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. Faraday constant vok. Faradaysche Konstante, f; Faraday Zahl, f rus. постоянная Фарадея, f; число Фарадея, n pranc. constante de Faraday, f …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • Faraday constant — Faradėjaus konstanta statusas T sritis Standartizacija ir metrologija apibrėžtis Apibrėžtį žr. priede. priedas( ai) Grafinis formatas atitikmenys: angl. Faraday constant vok. Faradaysche Konstante, f rus. постоянная Фарадея, f pranc. constante de …   Penkiakalbis aiškinamasis metrologijos terminų žodynas

  • Faraday constant — Faradėjaus konstanta statusas T sritis chemija apibrėžtis Universalioji fizikinė konstanta, lygi elementariojo elektros krūvio ir Avogadro konstantos sandaugai (apie 96 485 C/mol). atitikmenys: angl. Faraday constant rus. постоянная Фарадея …   Chemijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • Faraday constant — faraday …   Medical dictionary

  • Faraday constant — /ˈfærədeɪ ˌkɒnstənt/ (say faruhday .konstuhnt) noun a unit of quantity used in electrolysis, the electric charge of one mole of electrons, equal to about 9.649 × 104 coulombs per mole. Also, Obsolete, faraday. {named after Michael Faraday} …  

  • faraday constant — noun see faraday …   Useful english dictionary

  • Faraday constant law — Far·a·day constant, law (farґə da) [Michael Faraday, English physicist, 1791–1867] see under constant and law …   Medical dictionary

  • Faraday's laws of electrolysis — are quantitative relationships based on the electrochemical researches published by Michael Faraday in 1834. [cite journal | author = Ehl, Rosemary Gene | coauthors = Ihde, Aaron | title = Faraday s Electrochemical Laws and the Determination of… …   Wikipedia

  • Faraday (disambiguation) — Faraday may refer to:People* Michael Faraday, a British scientist (a physicist and chemist) * David Faraday, a victim of the serial killer nicknamed the Zodiac KillerThings* faraday (unit), a unit of electrical charge. * Faraday constant, the… …   Wikipedia

  • faraday — [far′ə dā΄] n. [after FARADAY Michael] a unit of quantity of electricity, used especially in electrolysis, equal to the amount of charge needed to free one mole of a univalent element (c. 96,485 coulombs): abbrev. F: often called Faraday constant …   English World dictionary

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